Tuesday, 25 June 2024 / 15:00

Code of conducts

Our Code of Conduct is our guide to doing the right thing and explains how our values should guide our decisions.

Having one set of values and behaviors and clear ethical expectations in our Code of Conduct helps us make choices in a consistent way, around the globe, in many different contexts. Each section of the Code is clear for everyone – wherever they work. With the help of God:

  • I respect to the high authority and human dignity of all colleagues and customers.
  • I act toward the public interests base on conscious and impartiality and I strongly do according justices and fairness.
  • I excellently do my duties and responsibilities without tending to approach any personal opportunity.
  • I do my best for efficiently doing assigned duties. I effort for promoting my knowledge, abilities and skills.
  • I take equal responsibility from high to low ranking employees in NDCo and adjudicate well.
  • For official matters regarding to the management and personnel I would propose fair and constructive solutions.
  • I do not reveal personnel’s private life information unless it could be helpful for them.
  • Encountering with clients I always keep politeness, courtesy and humility.
  • I consider ethics in public relationship with customers.
  • I do my duties in an exact, rapid and correct way in order not to waste any time and right.
  • I emphasize the obligation, responsibility, public participation, willingness to cooperation in offering services and consulting.
  • I believe to be a member of great family of petroleum industry and do attempt to realize the aims of this industry.
  • I always consider cleanliness and neatness of the work environment.
  • I respect the organizational rules and Islamic style dress-up.