Tuesday, 25 June 2024 / 14:59

Goals & policies

North Drilling, which hires experienced and specialist manpower equipped with modern savvy and which owns sophisticated and modern equipment, was established to drill oil, gas, water and geothermal wells for exploration, appraisal, development, workover and technical services both onshore and offshore (deep and shallow waters).

Human resources are an important asset for any company and therefore North Drilling feels obligated to comply with health, safety, environment (HSE) requirements. North Drilling is committed to constantly improving its HSE system and it highlights respect for HSE requirements in its decisions, planning, services and operations. It is believed that accidents are predictable and avoidable and for this purpose the latest available standards must be used.

The main objective behind HSE system is to minimize occupational accidents and diseases and environmental impacts and making efforts for their elimination. Reaching a desirable situation in terms of HSE requires cooperation on the part of all staff. The tasks assigned to the staff with regard to HSE are as follows:

  • The management is tasked with steering HSE plans and is responsible for them. The effectiveness and efficacy of plans require safe working conditions.
  • Directors and supervisors are responsible for promoting and institutionalizing HSE culture.
  • All staff are required to contribute to the implementation of HSE plans, like full compliance with laws and instructions and feeling responsible..
  • The HSE system must be improved constantly with focus upon avoiding injuries and diseases, reducing accidents, curbing harmful factors at workplace and reducing environmental pollution.
  • HSE hazards must be reined in.
  • HSE requirements must be educated regularly to all staff.
  • A mechanism has to be worked out for communication with beneficiary groups particularly contractors and a common vision must be designed for HSE application.