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By being active and potent in all projects, we will keep the drilling industry going on as usual
According to NDCO public relations report on Jun 21th 2021, Amir HedayatPour - Executive Vice President of Drilling Operation and EPDC Projects- considering the acceptable operational condition of the company, emphasized that all offshore and onshore operational activities will be kept on uninterrup...
21 June 2021 / 09:57
NDCO is preparing the Maroun project's locations
According to the public relations of the North Drilling Company, Ali Forouzandeh, Maroon Project Manager, announced: The Maroon-Asmari 1 and 4 project is an integrated package from “The maintaining and increasing production plan of 28 selected oil reservoirs” of the National Iranian Sout...
25 May 2021 / 11:01
NDCO Extends drilling in Hendijan and Bahregansar oil fields
NDCO is increasing drilling activity by drilling new wells in Hendijan and Bahregansar oilfields. North Drilling Company’s PR department reported: According to deputy CEO in technical and engineering affairs-Rouhollah Abdi- rounds of intensive technical negotiations along with field inspectio...
23 May 2021 / 09:19
Engineering planning and anticipation of Gulkhari project is ongoing.
Ayat Mirfardi –Gulkhari project manager- declared that this project includes 15 subsurface and 5surface packages. He said: regarding surface facilities, we are planning the engineering section along with the procurement associated with Payandan Corp. as the contractor of the same part.  ...
08 May 2021 / 09:23
A long step taken by the North Drilling Company beyond the boundaries of Iran and in the international arena
In this meeting of Hamid Reza Golpayegani, the CEO of North Drilling Company, with Ali Abdollah Al-Raimi, the Marketing Manager of the Ministry of Oil of the Sultanate of Oman, matters discussed consisted of the expansion of bilateral activities of the North Drilling Company and the Ministry of Petr...
09 October 2018 / 10:44