Tuesday, 25 June 2024 / 14:57

NDCO Extends drilling in Hendijan and Bahregansar oil fields


NDCO is increasing drilling activity by drilling new wells in Hendijan and Bahregansar oilfields. North Drilling Company’s PR department reported:
According to deputy CEO in technical and engineering affairs-Rouhollah Abdi- rounds of intensive technical negotiations along with field inspections, resulted in clarification of details and technical descriptions of the project which includes Drilling 9 development and 2 workover wells, as well as 3 abandonments, are going to perform on 7platforms, using a shallow water jack-up rig.
Abdi mentioned the incompetent seabed as one of the main challenges ahead which cause an increase in the rate of footing penetration to 20mt.
He continued: Offshore pile-driving and decommissioning operations will be done bases on precise Engineering studies as the most important priority of this project. With average depths of 4000 m, these production wells will be drilled in about 45 months using Directional drilling methodology.
This is a turnkey project which makes the North Drilling Company responsible for procuring goods and materials in addition to required technical services. localized suppliers and manufacturers are completely capable of providing a wide range of casing and tubing sizes and  (30”-7”)&(5-2-3/8”), completion strings and associated downhole tools and their running equipment, 3k-5k wellheads, various types of bits, Cement and drilling fluid materials and additives according to designed programs.
Some special logistical supports consist of: cargo and jack-up barges, crew transferring ships as well as Marine engineering services including Seabed engineering data and calculations, obtaining geophysical data, pre-rig move inspections by divers. There are also some technical services such as H2S safety, well logging and, directional drilling along with Tubular running, Mud logging, And wellhead services. 
 “NDCO is capable of providing all these services through outsourcing to qualified service companies or performing by the owned up-to-dated and professional crew.” Mr. Abdi added.