Tuesday, 25 June 2024 / 14:19

Engineering planning and anticipation of Gulkhari project is ongoing.


Ayat Mirfardi –Gulkhari project manager- declared that this project includes 15 subsurface and 5surface packages. He said: regarding surface facilities, we are planning the engineering section along with the procurement associated with Payandan Corp. as the contractor of the same part.
 He continued: The location was delivered to NDCO on March 16th, 2021, and the operation preliminaries are accomplished by recruiting expert and skilled crew and endorsing necessary conventions with the client.
According to the actions carried out before the start of the operational phase, Mirfardi mentioned the tendering process of the access roads and location construction as well as preparation of MR-Material Requisition- by the client’s approval. He also added, “We are procuring the required drilling goods and materials as well."
The Gulkhari project manager referring to the preparation of The locations and flow-lines construction scope of work said “regarding the anticipated number of the required drilling rigs, which is 7, the constructional phase is estimated to start in May and the Drilling phase in October 2021."
In conclusion, he said, the geographical district of the project is nearby Genaveh in Boushehr Province which is located in the territory of Gachsararn Oil and Gas Company.