Tuesday, 25 June 2024 / 15:00

NDCO is preparing the Maroun project's locations


According to the public relations of the North Drilling Company, Ali Forouzandeh, Maroon Project Manager, announced: The Maroon-Asmari 1 and 4 project is an integrated package from “The maintaining and increasing production plan of 28 selected oil reservoirs” of the National Iranian South Oil Company. This 2-year length project has been awarded to North Drilling Company in the form of EPD, EPC contract on June 21th 2020.
The project's geographical region of the Maroun-Asmari 1-4 project is located in the eastern Ahwaz at a distance of about 50 km from Omidieh road. The purpose of this project is to increase the daily oil production to 14900 Barrels/Day at the end of 2 years and that is the main characteristic which makes this this project one of the most important ones among the whole packages offering by NISOC.
Mr. Forouzandeh added: "The total credit of the project is about Euro 154 million including two parts: surface and subsurface. The subsurface part contains the Drilling of 10 new development wells & 6 workover wells and The Construction of Three locations W267N, W339N, and W359S (development wells), started on 04/01/2021 simultaneously.
Moreover, NDCO has started re-completion of two workover well locations –W202 & W82- since March 2021, by using local manpower and contractors. The surface section of the project has been outsourced to one of the SEDCO(Sina Energy Development) Companies-Payandan Corp.-in the form of EPC.
“The Construction and re-construction operations of the mentioned locations include 130,000 M3 of earthworks and embankment as well as 8,000 M3 of concreting. Three of them including 82 & 202 workover wells plus W267N, have been completed, and the two more (W339S & W359S)  will be finished within the next ten days at the end of May 2021”, the Maroun project manager said.
Finally, he expressed his hope that the NDCO will start the drilling operations of this project as soon as possible in the coming weeks.