Tuesday, 25 June 2024 / 14:10

By being active and potent in all projects, we will keep the drilling industry going on as usual


According to NDCO public relations report on Jun 21th 2021, Amir HedayatPour - Executive Vice President of Drilling Operation and EPDC Projects- considering the acceptable operational condition of the company, emphasized that all offshore and onshore operational activities will be kept on uninterruptedly with high quality.
Hedayatpour mentioned: although there is lots of nonprofessional and intentional rumor on social media trying to represent the staff’s strike and dissatisfaction, the NDCO guarantor crew are working on the projects as hard as usual and being involved in new drilling projects proves this claim.
The executive vice president of drilling operation and EPDC projects, said: at the moment the Sahar1 and Sahar2 jack up rigs which are the company’s honor and national assets, are working desirably in Siri and Soroush fields under supervision of Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) and we hope to keep the process going to the last phase of the project.
He added, with the continuous efforts of our coworkers in Maroun project, while spudding the NDC land rig, two more locations are ready to receive the NDC110 and 111 land rigs and start the drilling operations.
He also added; this is one of the major oil projects in the country in which the North Drilling Company will play a key role by winning 16 wells as a part of Maroon 1 and Maroon 4 packages.
In regard to NDC113, NDC114, NDC115 and NDC116 drilling rigs, Hedayatpour noted: "The mentioned drilling rigs are under contract with the Central Iranian Oil Fields Company and will perform drilling operations in different locations desirably based on the plan."
At the end, he talked about the Gulkhari project and while referring to the preparation of surface facilities and location construction’s scope of works, he said: “We have estimated 7 rigs which will start the drilling phase this November. The geographical area of the project is Bushehr province, Genaveh city which is located in the area of Gachsaran Oil and Gas Company According to the NISOC Fields divisions.

  • By being active and potent in all projects, we will keep the drilling industry going on as usual