NDCIS have been established adherence to the regulation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in order to achieve the following goals with training and research approaches:

  • NDCIS Training Approach:
    • Boosting the level of knowledge and personnel’s job skills in relation to their status
    • Fortifying brand of NDCIS by holding ongoing drilling courses and related specialties according to international standards for operational staff of drilling industry inside and outside the country
    • Issuing technical and valid certifications for accepted participants of final exam of training courses under the supervision of the prestigious international schools with the aim of facilitating the admission and employment in operational areas
  • NDCIS Research Approach :
    • Providing consulting services in the field of knowledge management with a focus on drilling to related companies
    • Preparation of the drilling industry progression with the support of researches especially the nation's top researches
    • publishing books and special drilling industry to promote Scientific knowledge of audience segments
    • Organizing seminars, meetings and sessions attended by the field experts to create scientific and technical exchange platform
    • Launching the drilling industry standards of drilling Industrial in standard corporations of Iran with the aim of localization of the industry

NDCIS Mission

  • Training the most experienced and expert manpower for employing in drilling division of oil industry both inside and outside of the country through holding qualified training courses and observing requirement of international standards,
  • Offering qualified training courses for the “approved and admitted volunteers” from inside and outside the country, etc.
  • NDCIS attempts to innovation and continuous improvement of educational and research mission on the basis of knowledge, has done better quality and thereby be able to reduce unemployment and create sustainable job opportunities for graduates and professionals in this field
  • NDCIS attempts to accomplish its mission on the basis of knowledge with innovation and continuous improvement of educational methods in order to reduce unemployment and create sustainable job opportunities for graduates and professionals of this field

NDCIS perspective and Vision

  • Acquiring the title of the superior operational training center
  • Disseminating of theoretical knowledge of drilling skills of oil industry in Iran, Caucasus and West Southeast Asian region,
  • Acquiring a credible and prestigious reference both in international levels.
  • able to hold the below training courses:
    • Drilling operation both in onshore and offshore, launching training courses in the field of Fluids, Electricity and Mechanics repair and maintenance services, carrier and logistic services in deep waters and also technical services
    • Commercial, Legal, financial and Marketing Affairs, etc.
    • Psychology, Language, Computer
    • Launching qualified training courses in the field of extinguishing fire, four- category safety, HUET, tackling with H2S gas, etc.