North Driilling
North Drilling Company,
Symbol of National Pride,
Cornerstone in
Development of Iran
Drilling Industry

North Drilling, a leading company in oil and gas well drilling, has worked out important strategies in line with its vision plan. The company has managed to take important steps with regard to winning a foothold in Iran’s drilling market.

North Drilling currently provides a variety of technical services to top Iranian and international companies. Some of them are as follows: offshore drilling and services, cementing and acidizing, slanted drilling, well logging, casing insertion, rotary equipment, mud and cement engineering, cuttings, drilling operations control.

Here is a chronology of North Drilling’s marking events:


ndco North Drilling was registered as an upstream oil industry company by virtue of a decision by the Board of Directors of National Iranian Oil Company.


ndco The company starts activity based on cutting edge technologies and knowledge-based management.


ndco Iran Behshahr and Rata vessels become operational. 


ndco NDC-110 onshore drilling platform become operational.


ndco By virtue of Article 44 of the Constitution, North Drilling becomes a public joint stock company.

ndco NDC111, NDC-112 and NDC-113 onshore drilling platforms are put into operation.


ndco Share subscription starts by North Drilling at Tehran Stock Exchange.

ndco NDC-114, NDC-115 and NDC-117 onshore drilling platforms are launched.


ndco NDC-116 onshore drilling platform becomes operational.


ndco Exploration drilling operations for Sardar-e-Jangal field by sophisticated Amir-Kabir semi-submersible (owned by Khazar Exploration and Production Company) is over in the Caspian Sea.


ndco NDC-119 onshore drilling platform starts operation.

ndco Sahar-I jackup rig comes on-stream.


ndco Sahar-II jackup rig comes on-stream.


ndco Getting IMS international certificate from SGS company


North Drilling continues to remain a modern drilling company in Iran and the Middle East. It owns 9 onshore drilling rigs and 2 jackup rigs.